How to determine if you have excessive foreskin?

How to determine if you have excessive foreskin?

The foreskin is an important part of the male external genitalia and is related to male reproductive health. However, if the foreskin length is too long, it will cause a series of problems. Excessive foreskin is relatively common in daily life. About one-third of men have this problem. However, many men do not know whether their foreskin is too long or not, and they do not know what the standard for normal foreskin length is. Under what circumstances is the foreskin too long?

In fact, the so-called foreskin is too long, which means that the glans is wrapped by the foreskin and cannot be exposed. It is more likely to occur in men during puberty. In addition to causing certain interference to men's normal life, it will also affect sexual life and other aspects, so you must pay attention to whether you have excessive foreskin.

What is the normal length of foreskin?

There is no fixed value for the normal length of the foreskin. If an adult's glans can be fully exposed when the penis is weak, the length of the foreskin is considered normal. But it will be different in different age groups.

1.Infancy and early childhood period
In infants and young children before the age of two, the foreskin and glans are adhered together. At this time, the foreskin cannot be turned up and the glans will not be exposed. At this time, do not rush to treatment, just observe it.

2. Pre-puberty
As the age increases, although the adhesion between the foreskin and the glans will gradually loosen, the foreskin usually covers the glans, and the foreskin can be turned up. At this time, the glans can be completely exposed. Do not rush to treatment at this time, and also pay attention to observation.

3. After puberty
After puberty, as the penis develops, the foreskin will retreat to the coronal sulcus, and the entire glans will be exposed. This is the normal foreskin length. If the glans cannot be exposed at this time, the foreskin is too long.

How to tell if the foreskin is too long?

1. The foreskin is slightly longer
Normally, the foreskin will be in the coronal sulcus and the glans will be completely exposed. However, for many men, when the penis is weak, the foreskin will cover the glans. When the penis is erect, the glans can be exposed, which means the foreskin is slightly longer. If you pay more attention to personal hygiene, treatment is generally not needed.

2. Foreskin is too long
There are also some men who cannot expose the glans not only when the penis is weak, but also when the penis is erect. They need to turn over the foreskin with their hands to completely expose the glans. This is excessive foreskin, and this situation requires treatment.

3. Phimosis
If the glans cannot be exposed when the penis is erect, and the foreskin cannot be turned up, and the foreskin opening is relatively narrow, this is phimosis and requires timely surgical treatment.

Effects of excessive foreskin

The main symptom of excessive foreskin is that the glans is wrapped by the foreskin for a long time. Especially during sexual intercourse, the foreskin easily collects mold and bacteria, causing symptoms such as skin allergies, inflammation, and infection on the head of the penis. Severe foreskin can also affect men's normal sexual life, making it difficult to have sex and affecting the health of male reproductive organs.

Treatment for excessive foreskin

In order to solve various problems caused by excessive foreskin, many people now choose to undergo circumcision surgery. Circumcision surgery is a surgical procedure for problems such as long foreskin, excessive foreskin and complete coverage of the glans by the foreskin. Circumcision surgery mainly involves shortening or removing the foreskin through surgery to expose the glans and solve problems such as excessive foreskin.

Before surgery, a series of examinations and evaluations are usually required to ensure the feasibility and safety of the surgery. Today, circumcision surgery has become more and more popular. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia is used during the operation to ensure a smooth operation.

To sum up, excessive foreskin is a common disease among male friends and will affect men’s normal life. It is recommended that friends suffering from foreskin go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid delaying time and causing more trouble to themselves. At the same time, when undergoing circumcision surgery, you must choose a regular hospital and a professional doctor to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the surgery.

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