Have you had any sexual fantasies?

Have you had any sexual fantasies?

"Kinsey Sexology Report" research shows that 96% of men and 90% of women have had sexual fantasies. Moreover, everyone is born with the ability to "think", but the things they fantasize about are related to "sex".

Some people are irresistible to men wearing ties, some fantasize about being treated roughly, and some are obsessed with black-rimmed glasses.

In fact, sexual fantasies are very common for both men and women.

It could be a sexual experience that you picture in your mind, or it could be an image or a complete story triggered by something.

We may have sexual fantasies triggered by books, images, specific people or things.

Some originate from our subjective wishes, while others arise from fantasies stimulated by our subconscious mind or external factors.

For many people, sexual fantasies are a mirror that reflects their inner desire for sex, or they may be a colorful "story series".


You may ask, are sexual fantasies normal?

Healthy sexual fantasy is absolutely normal. It is a manifestation of imagination, but this imagination is about "sex".

Sexual fantasies are meant to increase the interest in sex with your partner.
Sexual fantasies are creative things that make life less monotonous.
This kind of sexual fantasy is healthy as long as it is not highly divorced from reality or harmful to the other person.

British writer B. Carr said in "Human Sexual Fantasy":
Sexual fantasies are our secret inner monologues that can bring us great satisfaction, but they can also tear at our sanity, causing anxiety, shame, guilt, nausea, or confusion.

It is the most wonderful movie in the human mind and the most secret story of human nature.

Research shows that people with sexual fantasies are more satisfied with the quality of their sexual life. They have more thoughts about sex and can better experience the sexual process.

So, why do people get more pleasure and pleasure in fantasy?

Carl believes:
Whenever someone starts to fantasize, it's like making a movie in their head. They are the director, the screenwriter, they allocate roles, and they decide who will be the protagonist of the movie.

In these fantasies, you don't have to expend energy, but you can get spiritual happiness.

Others may feel shame and guilt because of their fantasies, and they may feel inner conflicts due to emerging sexual desires and bad sexual experiences.

Carr believes that the ability to have fantasies is completely normal. In fact, a person without fantasies may indicate a lack of psychological function.

We can never seek consistency in human sexual activities, let alone the sexual illusions and sexual consciousness hidden deep in the soul.

People appreciate the attraction of sexual fantasy more than sexual reality because it is safer and more private.

You don't need to take your sexual fantasy partner out to dinner; a real sexual partner requires multiple physical, emotional, and financial care from you.

Not only can these sexual fantasies satisfy some overt or undisclosed desires, but these sexual fantasies about having sexual relations with people other than their spouses provide the fantasizers with a great deal of sexual satisfaction.

In other words, most people are unfaithful in their sexual fantasies.

This kind of fantasy is in your own heart and does not need to be known by others, but it exists in the subconscious of countless people.

So when you have sexual fantasies, should you tell your partner?

Research shows that when partners share their sexual fantasies with each other, it promotes intimacy and trust, and arouses and sustains desire for each other. By understanding each other's common sexual fantasy patterns, you will have a deeper understanding of each other's inner desires, including feelings about daily life, and feel closer to each other, thereby gaining a deeper sense of security.

In terms of sex, with the enlightenment of the women's liberation movement, women are slowly awakening. They no longer play a passive role in sex, not to get pregnant or to satisfy male sexual desire, but to enjoy sex openly.

In order to enjoy more pleasure, we must talk openly about sex and break taboos.

Without harming yourself, others, or your partner, sexual fantasy itself is a beautiful work of art.

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